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THE SHADOW KNOWS... A Wisconsin Mystery

SIMPLE QUESTION: How does an American citizen on official government business explain to his family that for years he was falsely imprisoned?

How does this citizen of Middle America tell his children that the charges levied against their father were not only lies, they represented evidence of a Department of Revenue within the State of Wisconsin that was operating in violation of the truth and of his constitutional rights? Children don’t understand words like “non-jurisdictional federal/state/county/private custodial facilities” or “renditioned” – and to tell them he was kidnapped by his own government went beyond anything they had watched on "Mission Impossible" as young children.

I wonder how President Obama would explain such a phenomenon to his two young daughters.

How is a citizen -- admittedly a man surrounded by intrigue, but a citizen nonetheless -- supposed to explain to his children that when he was arrested in Lausanne, Switzerland on 7 July 1993 for “Failure to pay a Wisconsin Civil Income Tax Assessment of $14,129.00,” he had already paid the tax even though the State's demands for payment were invalid? When the Demand for Payment was made, he had already paid it – twice – a year earlier in May and June of 1992. The primary reason he paid it was to prevent family upset… he hadn’t earned an income in the state making the spurious charges. He was out of the country – serving his country with honor. Yet, on 7 July 1993 while he was en route to meet Bill Clinton’s Deputy White House Counsel, Vince Foster, at the Hotel de la Paix in Geneva, he was arrested for non-payment on an alleged income assessment he did not owe and for a tax he had already paid twice.

Look at Check Number 6992.

It’s made out to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue in the amount of $14,129. (Click on the check to enlarge it.) Look at the endorsement on the back – on June 3, 1992 – a year before he was arrested for non-payment of this $14,129 civil income tax assessment. Why did the State of Wisconsin ignore the evidence? Why did they falsely convict this man in Dane County (or the County of Dane) for an unpaid estimated civil income tax payment supposedly filed in Outagamie County? How did Dane County gain jurisdiction? Answer: It never had jurisdiction… Leo Wanta never filed an income tax form in Dane County in his life. Perhaps Dane County (or the County of Dane) had the right Court available to achieve... the State’s objective? Who knows?

Some historical truths might help us understand, but unfortunately former Governor Tommy Thompson sent all of his gubernatorial archives to a paper mill – by mistake, of course. They were supposed to go to the appropriate state historical repository. The paper mill destroyed the history of Thompson’s term in office. A Wisconsin newspaper article verifies that statement. Who could make something like this up? Well, maybe a politician.

That should tell you something about the Republican who headed the State of Wisconsin in 1993 when Wanta was falsely arrested. It should explain why the Republicans lost the next gubernatorial race to Democrat Jim Doyle, a Harvard graduate who became State Attorney General in 1990 -- Leo Wanta was brought to trial in May 1995 while Doyle’s served as Wisconsin's Attorney General – and then Doyle became governor. Doyle’s first term as governor occurred when then-Governor Tommy Thompson’s brother, Ed, entered the race as a Libertarian and drew 10 percent of the vote from Republican candidate, Scott McCallum. It sounds pretty well planned.

To Wanta’s children, who were taught to respect law enforcement, such a story had to be difficult to believe. It had to be very difficult for Leo Emil Wanta, an adult, to believe. His children knew their Dad as Waukesha County Deputy Sheriff Badge #714 – they didn’t know he was an undercover – deep cover – agent for the federal government. They knew him as Executive Vice President of the Waukesha County Special Deputy Sheriff's Association, They didn’t know he was a covert agent for the United States government. It’s not something one talks about with the kids while on camping trips. Wanta was working with Sgt. Quinn O’Brien at Falls Vending Services, Inc. in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, while covertly investigating the Wisconsin-based Balistrieri mob ‘family.’

Waukesha County Court documents make the following things very clear:

1. In 1983, Leo E. Wanta was working for Falls Food and Vending Services, Inc. in Waukesha County, Wisconsin. He was involved in discussions about buying the company but no finalization of the purchase (or investment in the company) occurred because, while working for the company, Wanta found things were not as they had been purported to be. Leo Wanta had no real interest in buying Falls Food and Vending Services. At the time, his real job was working with William Casey and William Colby, former CIA Directors, to gather intelligence information, and he reported directly to President Ronald Reagan.

2. Falls Food and Vending Services, Inc. declared bankruptcy. Someone dubbed Mr. Wanta as “president” of the company – maybe someone who wanted him to take this fall – but he owned no stock and had no ownership position. He was just an employee… a covert operative investigative employee. But those people who wanted him to take the fall for the bankruptcy of Falls Vending probably didn’t know that.

3. On February 18, 1983, an Assistant Corporation Counsel alleged:

“Mr. Wanta,” his filed complaint said, “…is and was the president and shareholder of Falls Food & Vending Serivce, Inc.” That as “president and shareholder of Falls Food & Vending Service, Inc. he is personally liable for all debts owing to employees of said corporation for services performed for said corporation pursuant to s. 180.40 (6), Wis. Stats.”

Most responsible attorneys, before a bankruptcy action is filed against an individual to pay salaries and costs associated with the bankrupt company usually find legal evidence before disrupting the life of an innocent person. They make a telephone call (or, if the lawyer is really responsible, they pay a visit) to the Secretary of State’s office to verify who is and is not an owner, who owns stock in a company and who does not. They check tax records of the company. This lawyer didn’t bother to check. It’s interesting that no Judge checked with the Secretary of State regarding the business dealings and stock ownership of Falls Vending, either. In the thousand pages of Court documents reviewed thus far, the Secretary of State’s office is never mentioned. Not once.

Mr. Wanta was not an owner or a stockholder in Falls Food & Vending Service, Inc. and had no personal liability. Yet in the early and mid-1980s, his life was torn apart by the bankruptcy of a company for which he was merely an employee – because a not-very-good State lawyer didn’t do his job (and a lot of lawyers involved in bankruptcy claims didn’t do their jobs, either). The State of Wisconsin filed numerous lawsuits against Leo E. Wanta stating that he was responsible for paying the salaries of numerous employees when Falls Sales and Vending went bankrupt and didn't pay them. Wanta had no ownership position in the company. He owned no stock in it, either.

It’s almost as if a group of lawyers (and perhaps bankers) got together with the full intent of taking this man Wanta down and totally ignored the law to do it.

There are several Court Decisions available on this site from Waukesha County, Wisconsin. These Decisions say that Leo E. Wanta had no relationship to Falls Food and Vending Services, Inc., et al, other than that of “employee.”

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One Decision was written by John W. Reynolds, Chief U.S. District Judge, who clearly says in his Order C.A. No. 84-C-359, dated 7 September 1984, that “Even if Falls Vending Service is not a corporation, Wanta lacks standing because his affidavit testimony indicates he is only an employee of the company. The owner of a company cannot confer standing on a non-lawyer employee by stipulation or otherwise.”

That Decision by Judge Reynolds should have brought a halt to this nonsense – but it didn’t.
On 4 April 1985 – a year after the Reynolds Decision – Judge Robert T. McGraw issued an Order for Dismissal saying “Falls Food & Vending Service Inc. has filed for bankruptcy in the Eastern District of Wisconsin under Case No. 82-02385,” and “…Leo Wanta is not individually liable for any claimed wages owing to plaintiff.” There are numerous other Court decisions that say the same thing. They are available, too, and as time permits will be posted at this site, too.

One good question to ask at this point is: Why, after a decision by a Chief U.S. District Judge, did a minor little government bureaucracy like the Wisconsin Department of Industry and Labor & Human Relations decide to have a Tribunal Hearing and, for all practical purposes, overturn (or at the very least ignore) the Decision of Judge Reynolds? Why did they continue to assume (or promote within the Courts) that Leo Wanta had an ownership interest in this company? There is no lawfully logical answer to that question.

Why did they continue to persecute this man? And persecution it was! Who in the late 1980s at this little government bureaucracy decided to have a Tribunal Hearing and re-activate the bankruptcy claims that had been settled in Leo Wanta’s favor years earlier? There had to be a reason. Many potential reasons will be disclosed as the Court Decisions and various filings are made public.

For years, Leo Wanta was harassed because some minor little lawyer appointed by the bankruptcy court didn’t do his job – or was pursuing something totally outside of his job which was very personally lucrative. That lawyer didn’t make a simple call to the Secretary of State’s Office to check his facts.

The State of Wisconsin paid tremendous expenses for the very large number of cases filed… cases that came before a Judge. And that’s what it was all about: Money. “They” weren’t just after a pittance called legal fees… they were after big money. That explanation will come later, too – and it is documented by Wisconsin’s own court system.

How long will Governor Scott Walker let this travesty of justice in the State of Wisconsin go without investigation? Correspondence has been sent to him – Certified Mail via the U.S. Post Office. There has been no answer. Why?

Wait until next week. It gets worse as the Road Kill Gang known as the Wisconsin Department of Revenue begins to pick apart the bones of what was left of the Wanta family… the number of liens placed on his family home for – you guessed it – more tax liens from Falls Food and Vending Services, Inc. You remember… the place where so many Court decisions said he was only an employee and had no responsibility for wages and other company costs resulting from bankruptcy? We’ll even look at an obituary for a guy named Jerry Engle:

“Engle, Jerome S: Passed away Friday, April 6, 2007, in Palm Springs, CA, aged 85 years, of Fox Point, beloved husband of Joyce Engle (nee Skowron). Dear father of Margie (Thomas) Krauskopf and Craig (Linda Engle Roeming) Engle. Fond brother of Howard (Esther Marsa) Engle and brother-in-law of Eddie (Betty) Levi. Loving grandfather of Sara Krauskopf, Joshua Krauskopf, Rachel (Joe) Walts, Miriam Engle and Eliza Engle. Preceded in death by his siblings, Jeanne Werner and Maxine Levi. Jerry was a long time volunteer, helping patients at Desert Hospital in Palm Springs, CA. He was owner of Falls Vending Service in Menomonee Falls and then Butler, WI for many years and previously worked at Sampson’s appliance store.”

Is it true that Jerome S. Engle, a.k.a. Jerry S. Engel, was the actual owner of Falls Vending, and was also a member of the Board of Directors at Farmers and Merchants (F&M) Bank? Is it true that numerous individuals in the Wisconsin Department of Revenue participated in Criminal Tax Fraud? Did they divert previously paid state and federal corporate tax payments made by Leo Emil Wanta (appointed by Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph P. Stadtmueller to perform the duties of the debtors – Falls Vending) when they re-called tax payments made by Wanta who was doing what was directed of him by the U.S. District Court?

Were those re-called funds used to make payments due from Engle to Farmers and Merchants Bank?

As the documents are investigated and scanned, they will be made public.

Stay tuned.


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